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The vision you have and want to share with others is the main idea behind developing your web site. Listed below are five basic steps you will need to take to make your experience a success. To bring attention to your ideas, you will have to consider the following important questions better known as the what, when, where and whom.

Step 1: Preparations
What will be the name of your web site? Your name will help to identify your business, message or product. How will the Internet bests serve you and others? Keep in mind your purpose for the web site the overall view should reflect what you would like to accomplish, using text and graphics. Start by gathering the text and photos you will include. When would you like to have your web site available on the Internet? A timeline is instrumental for monitoring your progress. How  do you what to  make your resources available to other, setup your point of contact. Whom, other than yourself will be available, if you need assistance with you web site.

Step 2: Domain name registration, web site design and web site hosting
By now you have chosen a name for your site. This next step must include checking the availability of this domain name and registration. Doing this ensures it is available for you, to be used in association with your new site. You can do this yourself or we at InnovativeRoot.com can help you in this process.